Spring Pool Services

The rate for some of our services varies depending on the size of your pool. Select your pool size to continue.

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Pool Opening

Included Services

  • Removal, cleaning and folding of the winter pool cover
  • Reinstalling deck equipment (diving board, ladder, etc.) as well as skimmer parts and return fittings
  • Re-assembly of heater, pump, filter, chlorinator and plumbing
  • Scrubbing the waterline and coping
  • Washing the deck area using a hose
  • Testing and balancing of pool water

System Startup

Included Services

  • Check overall operation of the pool equipment
  • Prime and start-up of the filtration system
  • Start up the pool heater
  • Re-check and adjust water balance
  • Prime pumps for fountains, waterfalls and whirlpools
  • Start automatic cleaner and set up its timer
  • Set up other automatic equipment, such as auto filler, solar system, etc.

Spring Heater Tune-Up

Included Services

  • Remove and clean the burner and pilot assembly
  • Clean the interior of the casing
  • Reinstall burner assembly and light pilot
  • Check all safety controls
  • Check thermostat operation (as long as the weather is sufficiently warm)
  • Test heater operation

Pool Maintenance

Included Services

  • Perform a water chemistry test, administer balancing chemicals if necessary (chemicals are billed extra)
  • Skim the surface of the water
  • Routine maintenance vacuum and backwash the filter
  • Scrub the scum line
  • Check proper operation of pool equipment: pump, filter, heater, salt cell

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To Vacuum your pool on the day of the opening, the water in the pool must be clear. Otherwise vacuuming has to be done as a separate maintenance visit and is subject to an extra charge.