Sizing my Swimming Pool – Hire an Expert

I want to replace my swimming pool liner, and am not sure where to start? I want to replace the swimming pool vinyl liner myself and was asked to provide pool size specifications, what do I do? Where do I start?

Measuring your pool

Although we immediately would like to note that replacing your own liner may seem cost effective, it may end up costing you more! And when ordering your liner, SIZE MATTERS! Thinking that a few inches off, even half inches, in error here –or- there is okay, IS A BIG MISTAKE!

Every ¼ inch counts. Sizing your swimming pool vinyl liner perfectly is key to a successful installation. Too many times have we seen people just like you and me decide to cut costs and corners and end up paying the price.

Imagine ordering a swimming pool liner online for $900 (Unknown manufacturer, quality, no guarantees…), which will be your average cost for ordering a liner online, only to find that you are having a lot of trouble installing it yourself. You later decide to call a swimming pool company to install it for you at which you are paying another $1200 approximately. After multiple attempts, you are made aware that the dimensions on the liner are not suited for your actual pool size. At this point you have already invested $2100. Now you have another option. Re-measure yourself…or put the onus on the pool company and have them measure your pool. This will cost you another $200. Now your investment is up to $2300.

At this point you now have to decide where you will now buy the new liner and whether you will install it yourself. Assuming that you decide to repurchase the same liner with the new dimensions you will pay another $900 bringing your total investment to $3200. Furthermore, let’s assume that you decide to have the pool company install the liner for you this time around, another $1200, bringing your total investment to $4400. All of this because you decided to save a little bit of money.

Typically at $3500 to $4200 you can purchase a liner from a pool company – installed!

Although you may want to save a couple of hundred bucks in the beginning may end up costing you a fortune. Although we do not try to assume you don’t know what you are doing, wouldn’t it be easier to shift the risk onto the professionals?

Last year we have seen this following extreme situation a few times, the pool company that we worked with gave most of these clients a break when the initial liner would not fit. Let face it not every company will do this.

To conclude, spend the extra $200 on professional measurement services for you swimming pool vinyl liner to save $3500 (assuming you install yourself). 

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