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Dealing with algae in your pool

Virtually every pool, outdoor or indoor, is susceptible to being overgrown with algae, mold or fungus. Spores of these organisms are floating in the air around us and whenever they come in contact with a hospitable environment like the water in your swimming pool, they bloom.

Filter for your pool

In order to keep the water in your pool crystal clear, mechanical filtration is needed alongside chemical treatment. Mechanical filtration is the oldest and simplest method of removing any solid particles from water, such as sand or dirt, and it remains the most effective way of doing that. As such, water filters are a requirement for any swimming pool.

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can be divided into three categories: weekly maintenance, preventative maintenance and seasonal maintenance. They all involve cleaning, inspection of equipment and should it be necessary, equipment replacement or repair.

Chemicals for Swimming Pools

Chemicals are used in swimming pools in order to maintain ideal water conditions. They can eliminated various microorganisms in the water such as bacteria, algae and fungus that make the water look less appealing and in extreme cases even pose health risks to swimmers.

Sizing my Swimming Pool – Hire an Expert

I want to replace my swimming pool liner, and am not sure where to start? I want to replace the swimming pool vinyl liner myself and was asked to provide pool size specifications, what do I do? Where do I start?